Chicago Executive Educates Community on Drone Operations

Amid recent drone registration battle, PWK sees the value in educating local residents.

With the message, "Drone Pilots, You Are Not Alone," Chicago Executive Airport is being proactive with drone education and awareness.KPWK

In an effort to reduce the chances of a drone causing injuries or getting into the flight path of manned airplanes, something that has happened even at major international airports, Chicago Executive Airport (KPWK) is sending out flyers to local residents and providing information on its website regarding appropriate drone operations. With the recent legal battle against the FAA's drone registration program, this type of education is timely.

Stating very clearly “Drone Pilots, You Are Not Alone,” the flyer highlights the dangers of flying near airports without prior permission. It also attempts to educate operators regarding the dangers of operating drones above 400 feet or above crowds, and how flying drones near an accident scene or fire can interfere with emergency rescue services or firefighters.

KPWK is located in Wheeling, Illinois, in the Chicago metropolitan area, about 10 miles north of the Chicago O’Hare International Airport, and co-owned by the Village Wheeling and Prospect Heights. The flyer is being distributed to about 8,000 Wheeling and Prospect Heights residents.

The Chicago Executive Airport website has a separate section for drones, with good discussions on the national airspace system, the dangers of flying UAS near airports, and the Part 107 rules for drones weighing in between 0.55 pounds to 55 pounds. A list of UAS resources is also available.