A Summer of Air Travel Disruption Ahead?

Airlines and FAA spar over cause of disruptions heading into busy July 4th weekend.
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Envoy Air Offers Pilots 300 Percent Pay Incentive

The triple-pay offer by American Airlines’ largest regional carrier applies to specific flights in July.
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Is It Time To Revise How the GI Bill Supports Veterans’ Flight Training?

Would easing some restrictions help ease the pilot shortage? One veteran thinks so.
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Why One European Airline Has a Surplus of Applicants During a Pilot Shortage

Norse Atlantic Airways CEO says timing and equipment has been the key to early success.
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Flexjet Adds GE Digital Maintenance Insight Software to Fleet

Company becomes first in the fractional jet space to incorporate this data-driven software, but how will it help them?
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Industry Officials Can’t Agree on How To Fix the Pilot Shortage

Republic Airways' bid for lower ATP minimums fails to gain industry support, setting off interesting discussions.
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How You Can Plan for Fuel Shortages

Experts share insights on what to expect and how you can try to minimize any fuel shortage's effects.
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Is This the Beginning of the End for Helicopters?

One industry expert says disruptions in the economy and emerging technologies have put the industry in a challenging position.
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The Aviation Industry Must Address the Plight of the Mechanic

The effects of the pandemic, coupled with inflation, and lost or slowed wage gains, sounds an alarm that should be heeded.
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Northeastern Charter Company Combines Forethought and Good Fortune to Achieve Growth

FLYING speaks with Tradewind Aviation’s CEO to get the inside track on his company’s plan.
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