BendixKing Broadens Avionics Partnerships

As part of its growth strategy, the company is collaborating with several well-known names in avionics.

BendixKing is partnering with several well-known names in avionics to fuel future growth.Stephen Pope

As BendixKing seeks to offer a full array of avionics products for the general aviation market, the company is turning to an untested growth strategy to allow it to better compete against the likes of Garmin and other heavy hitters in a crowded market.

Rather than develop new avionics products on its own, BendixKing is partnering with several established manufacturers, including TruTrak for autopilots, Avidyne for GPS navigators, JPI for engine monitors and others.

More partnerships may be announced in the future as BendixKing explores the benefits of collaborating with would-be competitors, a strategy that is allowing the company, a subsidiary of Honeywell, to offer a range of products that cover every major avionics aftermarket category without it having to spend the money or time to develop and certify new products of its own.

The benefit for companies like TruTrak and Avidyne is access to BendixKing’s global sales and support network, which will allow these smaller companies to sell their products into new markets. BendixKing president Gregg Cohen explained that the company’s strategy centers on encouraging an “open-architecture ecosystem” for avionics that permits products produced by multiple companies all to work in harmony as an integrated whole.

At Sun 'n Fun in Lakeland, Florida, this week, BendixKing is offering details of its latest products. The new AeroCruze 100 digital autopilot for Cessna 172, 175, 177, and 182 and Piper PA-28 models is produced by TruTrak. Features include two standard servos, a built-in ground track directional gyro, track select mode, GPS navigation mode, altitude hold, and automatic pitch trim. The lower cost xCruze 100 autopilot, also produced by TruTrak, is available in the same three form factors, provides the same features to experimental, light sport, and other non-certified aircraft. The AeroCruze 100 lists for $5,500, while the xCruze 100 has a list price of $2,600.

BendixKing has also launched the compact xPoint 100 engine monitoring system for experimental, light sport, and other non-certified aircraft, a product that carries the BendixKing brand name but is produced by JPI. The engine monitor weighs 13 ounces and features a high-resolution display that can present a variety of engine operating parameters. The AeroPoint 200 is designed for certified single-engine aircraft, while the AeroPoint 300 is designed for certified twin-engine aircraft and includes a built-in learning procedure for leaning.

BendixKing’s partnership with Avidyne sees the Avidyne IFD440, 540, and 550 panel-mount navigators rebranded as the AeroNav 800, 900, and 910.

All the products carry the BendixKing name, and BendixKing specialists are going through training to be able to be the first source for product support.