WingX App to Offer Rewind Feature

Flight replay could become a useful teaching or proficiency tool.

Pilots and flight instructors may soon have a whole new way to evaluate their flights or those of their students. Hilton Software, the creator of the WingX Pro aviation app, has announced that it will soon offer what it calls WingX Rewind, a feature that allows the user to record flight parameters and later replay them to evaluate the flight.

Through WingX Rewind, the app will be able to record multiple parameters of flight. In addition to tracking the path of the flight, the app will record bank and pitch angles as well as airspeed and altitude. To make this information available, the app will use GPS, AHRS, pitot-static and Arinc data.

While a lot of information is recorded, WingX compresses the data so that it only takes up about 240 KB per hour of flight, said Hilton Goldstein, Hilton Software’s founder. The small data size will make it easy to send files via email and to store the flights, allowing for up to 35,000 hours of flight time to be stored on a 16 GB iPad, Goldstein said.

WingX Rewind will be included free of charge with a WingX Pro subscription, which runs $74.99, and is expected to be available in a software update later this month.

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