Jeppesen Introduces G1000 Training and VFR Flight Apps

G1000 avionics training and Mobile FliteDeck VFR are available for the iPad.

At a news conference at AirVenture in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, Jeppesen introduced several new aviation programs for the iPad. Responding to the popularity of Garmin’s G1000 integrated glass-panel avionics, which is now the standard package for most new training airplanes, Jeppesen has introduced a G1000 avionics training app.

The G1000 avionics training covers VFR and IFR operations and is designed for pilots new to the system and those who already have experience but need a refresher. The program is built on scenario-based training using a three-step method to first teach you the process of using the system, then allow you to practice scenarios and finally assess your ability to complete all the steps in the process correctly. The G1000 training program is divided into several modules offered at various costs. The total package, including all VFR and IFR modules, is $159.99.

Jeppesen also announced a new low-cost version of its Mobile FliteDeck for VFR pilots. Jeppesen’s Mobile FliteDeck VFR includes route planning and enroute navigation capabilities, airport diagrams and area charts. Access to NOTAMs and text and graphical weather is also available. The annual subscription cost for the full continental U.S. VFR chart database is $49.

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