Avidyne Gets Part 25 STC for IFD540 in Citation Excel & XLS

The update for Primus 1000-equipped jets is the latest, with more to follow.

Avidyne has obtained Part 25 STC approval for its IFD540 multifunction flight management system in Cessna Citation 560 Excel and XLS models equipped with the Primus 1000 EFIS. The update adds to a list of jets that have already seen field approvals for the system, which adds a direct LPV-capable interface to both the Primus 1000 and legacy Proline 21 avionics systems, without the significant costs associated with adding external adapter boxes or EFIS factory upgrades, according to a company press release.

“We are pleased to have completed our first in-house Part 25 Transport Category STC for the IFD series of Multifunction Flight Management Systems,” said John Talmadge, Avidyne’s vice president of worldwide sales. “This STC covers the installation of IFD540s in Citation Excel and XLS aircraft, and will be the basis for additional STC amendments and field approvals by Avidyne and our MRO partners for the entire range of Avidyne multifunction flight management systems in a wide variety of turbine aircraft. IFD installations have already been field-approved with partner MROs on the Citation II, Citation V, Citation Bravo, Lear 31, Lear 35, the Westwind, and the Piaggio Avanti II, EVO and Classic, with more to follow.”

The dual Avidyne IFD5-Series FMS solution for the Citation Excel and XLS models with Primus 1000 EFIS is now available and is being offered through multiple Avidyne-approved Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) sites. To determine pricing and options, contact a preferred avionics maintenance organization, or email Avidyne’s business aviation sales manager Dale Ferrer or call Ferrer at 321-751-8500.


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