Avidyne Launches Release 10.2, Certifies New IFDs

Synthetic Vision and other upgrades now available on new and legacy IFD-series FMS systems.

Avidyne IFD 550
Avidyne's IFD550 has achieved certification along with the much anticipated Release 10.2 upgrade for legacy products.Avidyne

Avidyne announced at the Aircraft Electronics Association’s annual conference, held this week in New Orleans, that it has accomplished several useful upgrades for its legacy FMS products, launched in the much anticipated Release 10.2, and received TSO approval for the IFD550 FMS/GPS/nav/com.

“Our new flagship IFD550 includes an integrated ARS [attitude reference system], which delivers unique Synthetic Vision and WAAS approach capabilities to a large number of aircraft that simply would have had no other options before now,” said Avidyne’s president Dan Schwinn. “It’s really terrific, and there’s simply nothing else like it.”

The IFD550 is capable of displaying what Avidyne calls egocentric and exocentric synthetic vision, which provides the pilot with either an out-the-window view or an in-trail view that shows the tail of the aircraft being flown. R10.2 extends the Synthetic Vision capability to other IFD FMS systems and provides two-way wireless connectivity with several iPad apps, including Avidyne’s IFD100. The IFD100 app allows the pilot to load a flight plan at home on the iPad and wirelessly transfer the data into the panel-mounted IFD. Changes made in flight on any of the IFD products get transferred to the others.

While the functionality of the MK10 miniature keyboard that connects to the IFDs was previously limited, R10.2 provides complete mapping of the keys. This allows for full manipulation of the systems, such as loading approaches and entering direct-to fixes without touching the panel-mounted units.

The new software also allows the pilot to orbit around a point – a feature called Circular Holds. This feature could be particularly useful for search and rescue missions and while evaluating an issue or emergency situation in flight.

Radar and video display capabilities have also been added along with a slew of minor and major improvements. I can’t wait to try these new features out on my IFD navigators.

Avidyne also added three new FMS/GPS-only systems: the IFD545, IFD510 and IFD410, all of which include Synthetic Vision, Hybrid Touch, and integrated wireless capability.