Avidyne announces partnership with Globalstar

Low-cost onboard Internet solutions coming soon to GA.

Avidyne Partners with Globalstar
Jay Monroe, Globalstar's chairman and CEO, with Avidyne's president and CEO, Dan Schwinn.Avidyne

If you're looking for in-flight WiFi for your general aviation airplane, Avidyne may soon have a solution for you. The Lincoln, Massachusetts-based avionics and ADS-B systems provider has announced a partnership with Globalstar Inc. that will allow for the development and certification of Avidyne-branded satellite-based Internet and voice-communications solutions.

“By leveraging [Globalstar's] new Sat-Fi technology, second-generation satellite network and the ground infrastructure upgrades due to go live in the next few months, together we will provide increased aircraft connectivity for our customers at unrivaled value,” said Dan Schwinn, Avidyne’s president and CEO.

Globalstar claims its second generation satellite network boast the fastest data speeds in mobile satellite service history. Through this network, Avidyne hopes to make high-speed Internet access available in light to medium business and general aviation aircraft at a low cost. Backup communication systems or air-to-ground communications systems for larger business aircraft will also be available.

Avidyne also announced that the rollout of services will include improved methods of receiving weather information, using a full range of weather websites and tablet applications.

“I expect that mass adoption of airborne Internet hotspots across the full range of GA and business aviation aircraft will spur a host of innovative mobile device and cloud-based applications that will enhance aircraft safety and utility in ways we can’t currently imagine,” Schwinn said.

As the new products roll out, Avidyne will provide them exclusively to its worldwide dealer network and to aircraft manufacturers.