AIAA Panel Sees Light at the End of the Tunnel for GA

Group points to upcoming Part 23 rewrite as long-overdue medicine for an ailing industry.
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Meet Maxwell: NASA’s Bold Vision for the Future of Electric Flight

Agency’s first dedicated research aircraft in more than a decade emerges.
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DOT Warns on ATC Staffing Issues

Controller staffing is at a 27-year low as the FAA grapples with how to ensure there will be enough qualified applicants to replace ...
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FAA Seeks Improved Pilot Mental Health Evaluations

After last year’s Germanwings tragedy in France, voluntary reporting of pilot mental health issues is being urged.
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FAA Warns of Possible GPS Interference with Phenom Flight Controls

The agency is urging pilots of the Embraer jet to avoid a Navy test area later this month.
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Stearman Takes Chicago-Area Vets on a Nostalgic Flight

The Ageless Aviation Dreams Foundation offered the opportunity as a thank you for their service in WWII and Korea.
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NTSB Blames Pilot in Maryland Phenom Accident

A series of errors by the pilot caused the 2014 crash, the Board finds.
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FAA Certifies Cirrus Jet’s Williams FJ33-5A Turbofan

Approval puts the SF50 Vision Jet on short final for full certification.
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NBAA Unveils Single-Pilot Operator Resource Site

The single-pilot working group debuts new resources for pilots operating airplanes by themselves.
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Hartzell’s Five-Bladed Prop Available on Finnoff PC-12 Upgrade

Upgraded propeller amps up performance of the Pilatus PC-12.
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