So You’ve Started Flight Training: Sky Rules

Here are the regulations you need to know as a pilot.
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Accident Analysis Compels Pilots to Check Fuel

How can you tell if jet-A mixes in with avgas?
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KLM Celebrates 100 Years of Flying—as KLM

The Dutch airline set a record with the DC-2 and now flies the latest Boeing and Airbus designs.
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Four Big Failures: An Instructor’s Take on Improving Safety

Why don’t airline pilots suffer the same accident causes as GA pilots?
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B-17 “Nine-O-Nine” Crashes in Connecticut

The legendary airplane was operated by the Collings Foundation.
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ICAO Marks 40th Assembly Opening with Protests, Progress

The triennial meeting of the global aviation agency takes place in Montreal through October 4.
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Kansas Air Tour 2019 Reaches More Than 1,000 Students

The annual event saw 53 aircraft fly around the state this year.
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D-Day Squadron Plans “Into Flight Once More”

The documentary film tells the story of the commemoration last summer.
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Blue Line Aviation Expands Flight Training In North Carolina

The new $13-million facility plans include hangar space and a restaurant.
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ZeroAvia HyFlyer Gains Funding

The hydrogen-cell-powered airplane gets a line on $3.3 million.
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