Bomber Run over the Texas Coast

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The Flight of a Lifetime

Dick gets the right seat on the delivery flight of a 737-700 from Seattle to Southwest's Phoenix base.
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An Aching Winter Desire to Fly

Dick describes that Sunday night feeling when the weekend has evaporated and you still haven't been in the air.
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Dream Date for a Turboprop Pilot

Dick tells all about his get together with a sexy new model.
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Meigs, the Mayor and his Midnight Muscle

Dick Karl waxes about Meigs, Chicago?s mayor and things that disappear in the dark.
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Jet Fever Symptoms: No Treatment, No Cure

Dr. Karl comes down with a bad case of jet fever. The prognosis: fast but very pricey.
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Landing Gear

Dick's "Gear Up" has nothing to do with the use of fuselage-style landing gear, but he's got a good story to tell on ...
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Converging Interiors

At the shop, Dr. Karl overhears a phone conversation and helps save a life.
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Uncertain Arrivals

Dick fesses up to a few clunker landings and admits he needs professional help.
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