Aviation Images

Dick Karl gives us some insight into the world of aviation art...
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Wintertime Partial Panel in IMC

Was it really such a big deal when Dick went partial panel in the soup on an approach in the Cheyenne?
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Living with Your Airplane

Is swapping your garage for a t-hangar and your driveway for a taxiway too much aviation or just enough?
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A Dog’s Life in the Air

Dick bids farewell to an old travelling companion who never once complained about a bounced landing or a late arrival.
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The Magic of a Random Destination

Dick heads out for the thousand-dollar hamburger and finds magic in a random destination.
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Bomber Run over the Texas Coast

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The Flight of a Lifetime

Dick gets the right seat on the delivery flight of a 737-700 from Seattle to Southwest's Phoenix base.
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An Aching Winter Desire to Fly

Dick describes that Sunday night feeling when the weekend has evaporated and you still haven't been in the air.
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Dream Date for a Turboprop Pilot

Dick tells all about his get together with a sexy new model.
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Meigs, the Mayor and his Midnight Muscle

Dick Karl waxes about Meigs, Chicago?s mayor and things that disappear in the dark.
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