ATP Receives Six New Archers, Renews Agreement for 100 Trainers

Despite COVID-19, ATP says it expects training demand to remain strong.

ATP Flight School already operates the largest GA training fleet in the world with more than 402—mostly Piper—aircraft. The company recently accepted delivery of an additional half-dozen Archers TXs and reaffirmed an order for 100 additional training airplanes.

In a news release, the company said, “Despite the setback from COVID-19, the airline industry anticipates a recovery and strong long-term demand for airline pilots. Over 80,000 US airline pilots will be forced to retire at age 65 over the next 20 years, in addition to those taking early retirement. It takes about two years to earn the certification and flight experience necessary for airline pilot employment. With historic low interest rates offered by [ATP’s] lenders, many students are investing in career training today so they are ready for the hiring that will take place in the future.”

Michael Arnold, the company’s director of marketing said, “ATP continues to invest in our graduates’ careers with the best flight training fleet in the industry.” ATP has opened six locations in 2020, and plans to add five more before the end of the year.


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