Aspen Avionics and Sensurion Aerospace to Collaborate on UAS Systems

Partnership will develop systems for a wide range of unmanned aircraft.

Sensurion Aerospace, which develops products such as this DJI drone, is collaborating with Aspen Avionics on UAS systems for the future.DJI

Aspen Avionics is collaborating with Sensurion Aerospace to develop certified avionics for the rapidly growing UAS and unmanned air-taxi industry, a market that has an estimated revenue potential of $100 billion in the next decade.

The collaborative project will focus on navigation, autopilots and surveillance systems for small, medium and large UAS, to include cargo and passenger carrying aircraft that are expected to emerge in the near future.

Specifically, the companies will initially collaborate on the development of an autopilot/flight controller, TSO’d GPS/GNSS and surveillance systems including ADS-B. Aspen Avionics is known for products that easily integrate with those of other manufacturers.

“Our consumers demand adaptability and a certifiable pedigree that can help get them to market quickly, operate with an extreme level of safety, and include innovative architectures that combine certified avionics with today’s flying drone service/IoT data platforms, and near future cargo movers and people haulers,” said Aspen’s president and CEO, John Uczekaj.

Minneapolis-based Sensurion Aerospace designs and manufactures tethered multirotor and fixed-wing UAS platforms and produces support solutions, such as training and software, for the UAS market.

“Our roadmap is clear,” said Sensurion’s CEO, Joe Burns. “We are combining the talents, agility and pedigree from two industry leaders, to bring UAS consumers what they want, with a value proposition that puts safe drone technology to work across many industries.”