AOPA Air Safety Institute Launches Resource Center

The Safety Alliance streamlines database of safety-related educational material.

AOPA’s Air Safety Institute has launched a new resource center for aviation safety education. The initiative, called the Safety Alliance, brings videos, publications, articles, courses and quizzes on a wide variety of topics that relate to increasing the safety of general aviation flight.

The content is categorized by topic, making it easy for visitors to find the desired information. Whether you’re looking for information on weather-related topics, how to operate certain avionics, how to best handle emergency situations, how to make a go/no-go decision and much, much more, the Safety Alliance makes it easy to find good resources to help you learn more about the topic. There is no cost to use the resources within the Safety Alliance.

“Further improvement to GA safety requires a team effort and isn’t something we can do alone,” said Katie Pribyl, AOPA’s senior vice president of Aviation Strategy and Programs. “We know that many organizations provide high-quality safety-focused content, and we want to make it easy for pilots to find that information.”

The collection of resources on the website is the result of a collaboration between AOPA’s ASI and a vast group of industry organizations, companies and individuals, including ASA, Leidos, Garmin, Hartzell Propeller, Sporty’s, TBM, Jason Blair, Rod Machado and more. The Safety Alliance database is expected to continue to expand on a regular basis.


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