Airlander 10 Damaged on Its Second Flight

Largest flying aircraft makes a hard landing, damaging the flight deck.

Airlander 10 Crash
The Airlander 10's second test flight ended with a hard landing.YouTube/SciNews

The largest aircraft in the world, Hybrid Air Vehicles Airlander 10, which first flew last week, made a hard landing on its second test flight. The helium-filled structure had flown for more than 1.5 hours before it made a very steep approach into Cardington Airfield in Bedfordshire, U.K.

In what appeared to be slow motion, the aircraft continued its steep descent until it impacted the ground nose first.

Although the flight deck area was damaged, nobody inside the aircraft or on the ground was hurt as a result of the crash, according to a statement from Hybrid Air Vehicles. The cause for the incident was not disclosed. The company also said a mooring line for the Airlander 10 hit a power line outside the airfield, but it was a separate incident that did not contribute to the heavy landing.

Watch video of the hard landing below.