Active Winglets Available for CJ2 and CJ2+

Tamarack Aerospace Group gains another STC for its active winglets.

Tamarack Aerospace Group achieved the Supplemental Type Certificate for its ATLAS Active Winglets for the Cessna Citation CJ2 and CJ2+.Tamarack Aerospace

Tamarack Aerospace Group has achieved another Supplemental Type Certificate for its ATLAS Active Winglets, this time for the Cessna Citation CJ2 and CJ2+, otherwise known as the C525A series. Tamarack has already achieved STCs for the C525 and C525B series of Citation business jets, covering the CJ, CJ1, CJ1+, M2, CJ3 and CJ3+.

“Active Winglets on the C525 and C525B, and now on the C525A, dramatically enhance the performance of the aircraft,” said Nick Guida, Tamarack’s founder. “With ATLAS you can climb faster, fly farther and burn less fuel.”

The performance enhancing active winglets stretch the range of the CJ2 to 1,700 nm with IFR reserves at maximum continuous thrust, reduces the time to climb to FL450 to 30 minutes or less, improves single-engine performance and stability, and increases the maximum zero fuel weight by 400 pounds for the CJ2+ and 800 pounds for the CJ2. The upgrade also includes new LED navigation and anti-collision lights.

The popularity of the active winglet retrofit has caused the company to expand. “We’ve recently expanded our installation capacity at our Sandpoint, Idaho facility and we now offer a one-week, plus painting time, install here by the factory experts,” said Tamarack’s COO Brian Cox.

Despite the outstanding performance improvements, which we had a chance to evaluate on the Citation CJ, the installation requires no structural reinforcements as the active winglets reduce the stress on the airframe during high-load situations.