New turboprop aircraft are one of the most exciting market segments for 2020 and beyond, with plenty of innovation delivered by new entrants and great updates to pilot favorites. The Pilatus PC-12 NGX is the latest version of this 25-year model, and Beechcraft’s King Air line expands with the 360, as well as its entry-level twin turboprop, the C90GTx. Epic certified its E1000, and updates it to the GX model for late 2020. Daher’s acquisition of Kodiak means it covers the spread from utility to elegance with the Kodiak 100 and the TBM 940. And Piper makes history with its M600/SLS--the first airplane certified with Garmin’s Autoland. 


King Air C90GTx

Base Price $4,200,000 Engine 2 x P&W PT6A-135A
Seats 8 Max Takeoff Weight 10,485 lbs.
Useful Load 3,280 lbs. Fuel Burn 540 pph
Max Speed 272 ktas Max Range 1,260 nm
Stall Speed 77 kcas Takeoff Distance 1,510 ft.
Landing Distance 1,052 ft.  Back to Top 


King Air 360

Base Price $7,900,000 Engine 2 x P&W PT6A-60A
Seats 11 Max Takeoff Weight 15,000 lbs.
Useful Load 5,145 lbs. Fuel Burn 660 pph
Max Speed 312 ktas Max Range 1,806 nm
Stall Speed 81 kcas Takeoff Distance 3,300 ft.
Landing Distance 2,692 ft.  Back to Top 


Kodiak 100

Base Price $2,150,000 Engine P&W PT6A-34
Seats Up to 2 + 8 Max Takeoff Weight 7,255 lbs.
Useful Load 3,535 lbs. Fuel Burn 45 gph
Max Speed 183 ktas Max Range 1,132 nm
Stall Speed 77 kcas Takeoff Distance 934 ft.
Landing Distance 765 ft.  Back to Top 


TBM 940

Base Price $4,290,590 Engine P&W PT6A-66D
Seats 6 Max Takeoff Weight 7,394 lbs.
Useful Load 1,403 lbs. Fuel Burn 37 gph
Max Speed 330 ktas Max Range 1,730 nm
Stall Speed 65 kcas Takeoff Distance 2,380 ft.
Landing Distance 2,430 ft.  Back to Top 


E1000 GX

Base Price $3,850,000 Engine P&W PT6A-67A
Seats 6 Max Takeoff Weight 8,000 lbs.
Useful Load 3,400 lbs. Fuel Burn 60 gph
Max Speed 325 ktas Max Range 1,650 nm
Stall Speed 68 kias Takeoff Distance 2,254 ft.
Landing Distance 2,399 ft.  Back to Top 



Base Price $5,390,000 Engine P&W PT6A-67XP
Seats Pilot + up to 9 Max Takeoff Weight 10,450 lbs.
Useful Load 2,236 lbs. Fuel Burn 404 pph
Max Speed 290 ktas Max Range 1,889 nm
Stall Speed 67 kcas Takeoff Distance 2,485 ft.
Landing Distance 2,170 ft.  Back to Top 



Base Price $3,081,402 Engine P&W PT6A-42A
Seats 6 Max Takeoff Weight 6,000 lbs.
Useful Load 2,400 lbs. Fuel Burn 40 gph
Max Speed 274 ktas Max Range 1,658 nm
Stall Speed 71 kias Takeoff Distance 2,635 ft.
Landing Distance 2,659 ft.  Back to Top