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Our upcoming March 2023 issue is coming out soon, and we want to know what you think.

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A new issue of FLYING will soon be out in early March for subscribers before hitting newsstands and FBOs.

Our latest issue focuses on rotorcraft—specifically one workhorse of the aerial tour fleet, the Airbus AS350 B2. We tap into expert pilots for their view—and see how autopilot technology can greatly reduce workload in the highly dynamic rotorcraft environment. Plus, we take a look at a vintage Champ, and how to better assess what may look like "just a little rain shower…’’

In addition to this lineup, we will also have all of the columns and proficiency articles you’ve come to expect from our deep bench of expert contributors—so make sure you’ve subscribed. You’ll also get a chance to win in our Ultimate FLYING Giveaway!

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