uAvionix Granted Power Transcoder Patent

Patent approval signals support for uAvionix technology.

uAvionix says their patent details differences between technologies like Garmin's.uAvionix

While most readers have no idea what function a Power Transcoder serves, this piece of nano-technology represents the heart of what uAvionix says allows their tiny transponders installed in some products, like the skyBeacon, to synchronize important flight data before it’s broadcast over ADS-B. So significant is the Power Transcoder, that uAvionix on Tuesday received approval from the U.S. Patent Office for the skyBeacon/tailBeacon transponder interface.

uAvionix's Power Transcoder is also at the heart of the lawsuit Garmin International filed last summer against the upstart Montana micro-electronics maker claiming uAvionix infringed on a Garmin patented technology, a claim uAvionix disputes.

In a prepared statement, uAvionix president Christian Ramsey said the company’s, “Patent application for ‘Aircraft Navigation Light ADS-B Radio’ including the ‘Power Transcoder’ has been accepted by the USPTO and will be issued as Patent 10,156,627 on December 18, 2018.” He explained how uAvionix's technology differs from others. “Dedicated data interfaces increase installation costs, and wireless solutions that incorporate a 1090MHz receiver can pick up unintended signals from other aircraft. The Power Transcoder works within the closed system of the aircraft itself, reducing both errors and costs.”

Part of the uAvionix patent request included specific reference to Garmin’s similar technology as part of the normal application process. “The issuance of the uAvionix patent indicates that the USPTO recognizes there are distinct and innovative differences between the uAvionix and Garmin solutions,” Ramsey said. “While this does not end the dispute, it helps validate uAvionix's innovations.”