Video: Redbird Seaplane Simulator Splashes Down

A Victoria, B.C., flying club goes virtual to help students get their feet wet.

For the past five years the members of the Victoria Flying Club in Victoria, B.C., Canada, have been using a Redbird FMX full motion flight simulator for their landplane training needs. The club recently added an option that chief pilot Graham Palmer says is the first of its kind in the world: a full motion seaplane simulator.

With the expense of real-world floats removed from the equation, the school can swap “platforms” from land plane to seaplane with the flick of a switch and give student pilots, would-be seaplane pilots and those doing recurrent training the opportunity to do their thing in a simulator that accurately replicates the feeling of floats on the water, from bobbing about to getting up on the step to the big splashdown.

Check out the video of a typical training mission in the new seaplane sim here.

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