Texas Aircraft and OXIS Energy to Build Electric Colt

Aircraft will be built in Brazil.

Hondo, Texas-based Texas Aircraft Manufacturing and British lithium-sulfur (Li-S) battery technology company OXIS Energy, said they are jointly developing a high-wing, two-seat, all metal, fully-electric aircraft dubbed the eColt based on Texas Aircraft’s Colt S-LSA.

In a news release, Texas Aircraft said, “The eColt will fill a growing demand for ecologically-friendly flight training airplanes, as well as regional transportation in Brazil and throughout the world. Initially, OXIS projects the eColt’s flight time will be in excess of two hours with an approximate range of 200 nm. The use of sulfur as a non-conductive battery material provides enhanced safety and is superior to current lithium-Ion technology. Its 90kWh battery system, which is 40 percent lighter than current Li-Ion technology will be powered by its High Power cell at 400Wh/kg.”

All of the eColt’s key airframe and power components will be manufactured in Brazil at the Texas Aircraft Manufacturing facility in Campinas. The Li-S battery cells will be made at the OXIS factory in Juiz de Fora. The powertrain will be supplied by WEG of Jaraguá do Sul. The battery and its management system (BMS) will be provided by AKAER Group of São José dos Campos.


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