Terrafugia Chooses BRS Parachute for Transition Flying Car

Transition in flight. BRS Aerospace

Terrafugia has chosen BRS’ whole-aircraft parachute safety system for its upcoming Transition flying car, BRS announced in a press release. It is designed to be a last resort for pilots and passengers in the event all other methods of recovering an aircraft in distress have failed.

The system uses a pilot-activated ballistic rocket launcher to fire the parachute into the air, slowing the aircraft down and bringing it to a survivable vertical landing. BRS has delivered over 35,000 parachute systems to wide range of aircraft, and is credited with saving 393 lives.

“We picked BRS Aerospace for the Transition's whole aircraft parachute system because we identified with its spirit of innovation as the creator of the ultimate aeronautical safety device,” Terrafugia CEO, Chris Jaran said. “In addition, BRS has proven itself over the years for reliability when pilots and their families need it the most."

The Transition is a two-seat, light sport aircraft, that can also be driven on the road. The aircraft has wings that fold, and can be switched between flying and driving modes in under a minute. The Transition is fueled by 91 octane gas, and can be parked in a home garage, eliminating the need for hangar storage.


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