Tecnam’s P2010 TDI Gains Initial Type Certification

The EASA approval marks the next step for the diesel-powered single.

Tecnam Aircraft announced it has secured EASA type certification on the P2010 TDI single-engine piston airplane, powered by Continental’s CD-170 powerplant. The next step in the program expands the range of Tecnam’s fleet, and it follows on the approval of the CD-170 engine announced earlier this summer. The P2010 is already certificated with 180 hp avgas/mogas and 215 hp avgas engines.

The P2010 features a hybrid airframe, with a composite fuselage and all-metal wing and stabilator. The 170 hp diesel engines offers additional fuel economy to the P2010, with a fuel burn in cruise of 4.5 gph at 55-percent power and 7 gph at 75-percent power, as reported by the company. Normal cruise operations are possible up to 8,000 ft with a maximum service ceiling of 18,000 ft. The single-lever fadec controller eases powerplant management; the CD-170 marks the highest horsepower available now in the CD-100 engine series, now with more than 6,000 powerplants in the field and 7.1 million service hours.

According to Tecnam, “The…design team has paid particular attention to maintaining the P2010 series characteristics of great comfort, low noise and minimal vibration. Some of the many options available include premium leather interiors with electric seats; the [Garmin] GFC-700 autopilot, which ensures smooth and precise autopilot operations; and the additional safety that can be provided by the Garmin GTS-800 TAS [traffic awareness system].”


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