Spencer Suderman Sets Record for Inverted Flat Spins

Aerobatic pilot Spencer Suderman is probably still a little dizzy after his recent stunt of completing 98 inverted spins (no, that’s not a typo) in his Sunbird S1X biplane, easily breaking his own previous record.

Suderman successfully landed at Yuma International Airport in Arizona after breaking the record, which has kind of become his thing. In March 2014 Suderman broke the last world record (also held by him) at El Centro Naval Air Facility after pulling off 81 inverted spins.

Even though no other aerobatic pilot appears as though they are eager to challenge him, Suderman says he wanted to set the bar as high as he could to make it harder for anyone even thinking about beating his record.

The key to successfully pulling off 98 inverted spins? Climb really high. Oh, and skipping breakfast is a good idea too.

Two official judges from Guinness World Records confirmed that 98 spins were completed.

Anybody want to try for 99?


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