Sonaca 200 Earns Type Certification

European approval allows the sub-$200,000 two-seater to go on sale worldwide.

The Sonaca 200 is available in both an analog and a glass-cockpit version.Sonaca Aircraft

Belgian aircraft manufacturer Sonaca Aircraft announced in a press release that it has received type certification for its Sonaca 200, permitting the company to sell the aircraft worldwide, under its European Airworthiness Certificate. Flying reported on the initial development of the Sonaca 200 in 2017.

Harold Van der Straten, the CEO at Sonaca Aircraft, described the significance of earning the type certificate. “The Sonaca 200 certification application was filed in August 2015 and the type certificate was issued in just under three years after that initial filing. This is an exceptional performance. On behalf of the whole Sonaca Aircraft team, I would like to thank the EASA experts and particularly the DGAC for their advice and support throughout the certification project.”

According to Sonaca Aircraft’s website, the Sonaca 200 is a two seat, low-wing, full metal CS-VLA (Certification Specification for Very Light Aircraft), which can be flown in day VFR conditions only and is not approved for aerobatics. It was developed with input from potential buyers to serve the needs of flight schools, aero clubs and private pilots’ that “other aircraft “ have been unable to meet.

“In the context of an increased demand for pilots by the airlines, we are faced with schools which need to replace and expand their existing fleet,” Van der Straten also said in the release. In order to respond to this need, Sonaca Aircraft will have a brand new assembly hall starting next January, which will enable us to deliver over 80 aircraft per year. Not less than 40 aircraft will already be delivered in 2019."

The first Sonaca 200s will be delivered later this year, and two models of the 200 are currently offered for sale. The base Sonaca 200 includes an analog cockpit, while the second, the Sonaca 200 Trainer Pro, includes a glass cockpit. Base price for the airplane is about $186,000.