SkyWest Brings Back Rotor Transition Program

Aimed at military rotary-wing pilots, RTP offers a path to become a SkyWest pilot.

SkyWest Airlines has announced that it is reinstating their rotor transition program, aimed at military aviators. The program, paused by COVID-19, provides military rotary wing pilots a direct path to become a SkyWest Pilot.

SkyWest offers up to $17,500 in tuition reimbursement for fixed-wing transition training and a $7,500 bonus for military aviators. Pilots can upgrade as soon as they meet FAR Part 121-436 requirements, which can take as little as three months.

To be eligible to apply for the program, pilots must:

  • Have a minimum of 250 total time
  • Hold a commercial multi-engine and instrument pilot certificate
  • Be actively engaged in flight training or military flying

The rotor transition program allows pilots to stay at their school of choice to complete their training. During training, pilots will be mentored by SkyWest advocates to ensure they stay on a timely path to complete the program.

After completion, pilots will have 18 domiciles throughout the United States to choose from:

  • DEN
  • DTW
  • IAH
  • MSP
  • PHX
  • SFO
  • TUS
  • COS
  • DFW
  • FAT
  • LAX
  • ORD
  • PSP
  • SLC
  • BOI
  • SEA
  • PDX
  • SAN


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