Sentry Portable ADS-B Receiver Brings Extra Features to ForeFlight App

ForeFlight and uAvionix developed the compact unit to offer pilots a full suite of safety-enhancing capabilities at a low price.

ForeFlight just introduced a compact portable ADS-B receiver that is a step up in features and price from its Scout product introduced last year.

The Sentry is a 2.2-inch by 3.3-inch by 1.4-inch receiver that weighs 119 grams and includes dual ADS-B antennas optimized for 978 MHz and 1090 MHz frequencies. The receiver will give pilots access to FIS-B weather, flight information, traffic and a backup attitude display in the ForeFlight Mobile App on an iPad. In addition, Sentry provides a carbon monoxide monitor and alarm, offers a 12-hour battery life and comes equipped with a high-capacity data card for weather replay and storage.

Sentry was developed by ForeFlight and uAvionix to support the full range of FIS-B weather and data. It will also receive air-to-air traffic information from aircraft equipped with ADS-B Out, and re-broadcast traffic information (ADS-R and TIS-B) from FAA ground towers. In a future ForeFlight Mobile release, once Sentry becomes available, the unit will support the new FIS-B weather products including icing, turbulence, cloud tops, lightning, G-airmets and center weather advisories. Sentry retails for $499.

“We want every ForeFlight pilot flying with the benefits ADS-B has to offer,” said Tyson Weihs, ForeFlight co-founder and CEO. “With Sentry, ForeFlight pilots have a powerful suite of capabilities available at a compelling price that will improve situational awareness and safety in the cockpit.”

“With Sentry, uAvionix and ForeFlight have created the most advanced portable flight safety device on the market, enabling in-flight traffic and weather, synthetic vision, and toxic CO detection all for the equivalent cost to a couple hours of flight time,” said Paul Beard, CEO of uAvionix.


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