Radiant Technology Introduces 4 Channel Engine Temperature Gauge

New unit offers both visual and numeric readouts.

Radiant Technology products are offered through Belite Enterprises.Radiant Technology

Belite Enterprises just introduced a new 4-channel engine temperature gauge offered through its Radiant Technology line that is perfect for troubleshooting minor problems, as well as tracking normal engine operations. The new low-cost gauge combines numerous functions into a simple, small lightweight unit that uses high contrast LCD full-color screens easily readable in bright sunlight. The gauge gives pilots a continuous display of 4 CHT or 4 EGT temperatures, with color coding and a numeric readout that immediately identifies over-temperature conditions.

The new engine monitoring system is compatible with powerplants from Rotax, Lycoming, Continental and ULPower. The new EMS including four probes retails for $399.95, or just $279 without probes.