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Our latest issue is on final for June 2023, Issue 938, and we want to know what you think about our cover selections.

We’re ready for summer at FLYING with a new issue landing in June—and as we speak, we’re hard at work on Issue 938, which mails out in late May for subscribers before hitting newsstands and FBOs at your local airport.

On the cover we feature the modern and magnificent Diamond DA50 RG, which is gearing up for its first U.S. tour in the next few weeks.

Inside the pages, we look at options for upgrading your avionics beyond what you may have considered—and we delve into the ever-popular Bonanzas with Air Compare. We fly out to Half Moon Bay as a beachside destination, and illuminate one of aviation history’s unsung heroes, Charles Taylor. Plus we give you all of the columns and proficiency articles you’ve come to expect from our deep bench of expert contributors—so make sure you’ve subscribed. You’ll also get a chance to win in our Ultimate FLYING Giveaway!

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