Our Favorite Photos of 2021

A collection of the images we like best from FLYING's news and features of the past year.

When a pilot hears an airplane overhead, they look up—and compelling photos of aircraft draw our attention, too.

We have pulled our favorite images from 2021’s news and features online into a collection for you to enjoy. Let us know your favorites, too, at editorial@flying.media.

Here’s to capturing more aviation memories in 2022!

[Courtesy: Blue Origin]

Funk’s historic moment: Wally Funk steps out of Blue Origin’s New Shepard capsule after fulfilling a lifelong dream of reaching space. Funk, a trailblazer for female aviators, finally was able to achieve her lifelong goal of flying into space for the first time at the age of 82.

[Credit: Stephen Yeates]

The joy of airshows returns: Air shows were on again in 2021, with EAA AirVenture at Oshkosh, Wisconsin, hosting a record crowd. The Phillips 66 Aerostars took scholarship winners from I Hart Flying up for a demo flight.

[Courtesy: Joby Aviation]

Joby takes flight: Joby Aviation, one of the many companies vying for market share in the busy eVTOL space, makes a 150-nm milestone flight in July.

[Credit: Jim Allen]

Houston coolness: The B-17 Texas Raiders from the Commemorative Air Force Gulf Coast Wing give the crowd a glimpse of the past at Wings Over Houston.

[Credit: Mark Loper]

Winner, winner: Vicky Benzing taxis in after securing her win in the Silver Sport Class at the National Championship Reno Air Races in September. Benzing blazed around the course at 305 mph in Lucky Girl, her Lancair Legacy. 

[Credit: Mark Loper]

Storming in: The first STOL Drag races take place at Reno in September, with single-engine airplanes of all stripes duking it out in front of the crowds.

[Courtesy: Gulfstream]

The big reveal: Gulfstream unveils its G400 (pictured) and G800 to fill out its lineup of midsize to ultralong-haul jets at an unveiling in Savannah in October.

[Courtesy: Jeremy Kariuki]

Quite a view: FLYING staff reporter Jeremy Kariuki shares the aircraft he’s most thankful for: the Lockheed C-130 he served on as crew chief in Wichita Falls, Texas.

[Courtesy: Kim Magee]

A special ride: Balloonist Kim Magee secured the Montgolfier Diploma from the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale (FAI) for her flight in an AX-05 balloon.

[Courtesy: Rolls-Royce]

Fastest in the world: Rolls-Royce proves it’s serious about electric aircraft with its record-setting flight in the Spirit of Innovation in November.

[Courtesy: Stratolaunch]

We like big airplanes: Want to know what it’s like to fly the world’s largest airplane? Stratolaunch Director of Flight Operations Evan Thomas, left, and co-pilot Mark “Gidro” Giddings bank right during Roc’s second flight. 

[Credit: Stephen Yeates]

A new era begins: FLYING Senior Vice President of Global Sales & Partnerships Lisa deFrees and Editor-in Chief Julie Boatman celebrate with FLYING owner Craig Fuller at EAA AirVenture after bestowing the 2021 Innovation Award upon Garmin, Piper, Daher, and Cirrus for Autoland. Fuller had just closed the deal to purchase the legendary title—and launch the new FLYING.


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