WingXPro7 Links to Aspen Connected Panel

Hilton Software, the maker of the WingXPro7 aviation navigation iPad app, announced it has developed an interface for Aspen Avionics' Connected Panel product, introduced earlier this month at EAA AirVenture.

Aspen’s Connected Panel allows two-way wireless communication between panel avionics and personal smart devices, including iPads and Android smartphones. The supported app from Hilton Software combines WingX Pro7’s split-view navigation screen, terrain overlays, in-flight weather and synthetic vision display with Aspen’s panel-mount avionics, allowing users to create flight plans on their personal devices and beam them wireless to the avionics in the cockpit.

The heart of the Aspen technology is the CG100, a $2,500 communications gateway device mounted behind the panel that communicates wirelessly between the pilot's handheld device and the avionics. Aspen has also partnered with Jeppesen, Sporty's Pilot Shop, PS Engineering and others for the creation of additional apps, which are due out in time for Connected Panel's market introduction late this year.


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