New Cessna Longitude Aims at Maritime Patrol Market

The latest version in the Citation series features equipment for long-range surveillance.

Textron Aviation has debuted the special missions variant on its Cessna Citation Longitude—this particular version targeted to serve maritime surveillance and patrol requirements. 

The Longitude MPA is optimized to loiter, with an eight-hour endurance and a 3,500-nm range. A belly-mounted transmissive radome allows for the operation of maritime radar equipment. The package also includes a beyond line of sight (BLOS) fairing, electro-optical/infrared (EO/IR) sensor lift, and optional night vision goggle (NVG) compatible lighting.

The Longitude MPA comes with options for external equipment mounting and a special electrical bus to support additional sensors and other avionics. [Courtesy: Textron Aviation]

“The Cessna Citation Longitude jet provides an excellent value for special mission operations due to its acquisition cost and operation cost combined with excellent speed, range and payload capacity,”  said Bob Gibbs, vice president of special mission sales for Textron Aviation, in a statement.

The cabin of the Longitude MPA offers mission-oriented consoles. [Courtesy: Textron Aviation]

“Textron Aviation has developed and had certified factory provisions for various mission equipment supporting maritime patrol and surveillance missions, maximizing value for operations worldwide,” said Gibbs. The company expects this Longitude to serve on border patrol, search-and rescue missions, and fishery monitoring, among other deployments.

Cessna Citation Longitude (standard)

Base Price$29.295 million (2021-22 pricing)
PowerplantsHoneywell HTF7700L x 2
Max Cruise Speed483 ktas
Range3,500 nm (MPA version)
Endurance8 hours (MPA version)
Minimum Takeoff Distance4,810 ft.
Minimum Landing Distance3,170 ft.

Oshkosh Fleet

Textron Aviation will present several new aircraft as part of its exhibit at EAA AirVenture in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, this week.

The recently flown Beechcraft Denali is still missing from the Oshkosh lineup—attendees can see the mockup that the company has had on display in prior years. The Denali is back on track for FAA certification after delays in the GE Catalyst engine program added a bit of unforeseen drag to the project. 

The King Air 260 will be there to see in person, plus the Citation M2 Gen 2, and the updated Cessna Turbo 182T Skylane.


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