NBAA Unveils Single-Pilot Operator Resource Site

The single-pilot working group debuts new resources for pilots operating airplanes by themselves.

Single Pilot Resource NBAA
New resources are available for single-pilot operators.Illustration by Bryan Christie Design

When the NBAA's single-pilot working group, an offshoot of the association's well-known safety committee, met in person for the first time 18 months ago, its goal was simple: bring together whatever resources it could muster to help stem the rising accident rate for people operating airplanes for business with themselves as the only pilot. The Single-Pilot Resource page the NBAA unveiled last week is one of the first tangible results of those efforts.

Available to anyone through the association’s website, the page offers single-pilot operators a central spot to find resources like Training Guidelines for Single-Pilot Operations, an outline that speeds the transition for pilots to light jets and technically advanced aircraft. Pilots will also find the latest information on the association Single-Pilot Safety Standdown held in conjunction each year with the annual convention. This year’s standdown happens in Orlando.

The new page also links to Alone in the Cockpit, a film that highlights just how easily the pilot of one light jet found himself overwhelmed by just a few bad decisions and how he navigates some local bad weather. Many pilots who reviewed the film said they could easily imagine themselves in a similar situation. The video, created with funding from the NBAA, was completely written, directed and edited by members of the NBAA single-pilot working group.