Montague Launches Foldable, Full-size, Step-through E-Bike

The bike is well targeted for use by GA pilots.

Montague says its new M-E1 performance e-bike is so revolutionary that every GA pilot will want to pack one in the baggage compartment of their airplane. According to a Montague press release, “the patent-pending frame design makes folding and transporting the bike quick and effortless. The weight of the bike is supported by the double-leg kickstand during folding, so riders don’t need to lift or support the bike in any way. Once folded, the bike can be rolled for transport by holding the handlebar and simply tilting the bike onto the wheels. The fold-and-roll design makes the M-E1 the most portable e-bike on the market, and for even more compact storage, the handlebars fold with an additional quick release, creating a 38” x 38″ x 13″ package.”

The M-E1 comes equipped with a Shimano STEPS E6100 mid-drive motor, the newest premium e-bike propulsion system. The powerful 250W motor ensures riders can tackle trails and hills with ease—or make it into town from the airport. A 36V/418Wh lithium battery pack provides up to 80 kilometers of pedal assist on a single charge. “The system is paired with a Shimano Deore drivetrain and an SR Suntour NEX suspension fork for a smooth ride over the rough or non-existent roads around remote airstrips. The custom drawn aluminum frame features an integrated rear rack to provide secure cargo capacity.” The Montague M-E1 retails for $3,599. We reviewed a previous model in a gift guide for Flying several years ago.


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