Mitsubishi Regional Jet Hampered by Another Delay

Another delay has set back expected delivery of the first MRJ to mid-2020. Mitsubishi Aircraft Corp.

Mitsubishi Aircraft Corp. has once again announced a delay in delivering Japan’s first new commercial passenger plane in over half a century, this time by about two years.

The Japanese manufacturer says it’s pushing back delivery of the first Mitsubishi Regional Jet from mid-2018 to mid-2020 “due to revisions of certain systems and electrical configurations on the aircraft to meet the latest requirements for certification.” It’s the fifth postponement Mitsubishi Aircraft has made since the MRJ was announced in 2008.

The long-awaited 100-seat jetliner has made some steps toward certification in the past couple of years, completing its maiden flight in November 2015 and another test flight in June 2016.

Japan-based All Nippon Airlines is still set to take delivery of the first MRJ, according to AIN Online. Mitsubishi Aircraft also has substantial orders from U.S. carriers SkyWest Airlines and Trans States Airlines.


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