#Live2Fly Series: Air Traffic Controller Jon Suddreth

As an air traffic controller, Jon Suddreth combines the act of serving his country with his love of flying.

When Jon Suddreth was a child, his father was a firefighter, working 24-hour shifts at a station near an airport. He spent a lot of time at that station, and so he watched his fair share of airplanes take off and land. Naturally, that stuck with him as he grew, and when he was fresh out of high school he told his dad that he wanted to become a pilot.

Instrument lessons sparked Jon’s interest in air traffic control, and so he spoke with the controllers to learn how he could take the next step in his young career. After enlisting for Navy basic training and enrolling in ATC school in Pensacola, he was on his way.

Jon joined Millennial Wings to be around other young, like-minded aviation enthusiasts, and when he’s not working in the tower, he’s hitting the skies with his fellow pilots.

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