Learn to Fly: Turboprop Aircraft

Learning to fly a turboprop takes you the next step up.

Learning to fly a turboprop aircraft takes you the next step up in your capability. Turboprop airplanes offer a number of performance and safety enhancements that allow you to fly a wide variety of missions not possible in piston-powered airplanes.

Single-engine turboprop airplanes make for the simplest transition, though you’ll probably need to complete a standardized type training course in order to meet insurance and safety requirements. These aircraft include the TBM 800 and 900 series, the Piper M500 or Meridian, the Pilatus PC-12, the Quest Kodiak, and the Cessna Caravan.

Multi-engine turboprops give the added redundancy, performance, and load-carrying capability of (most often) two engines, but add complexity to the training. You’ll need to obtain your multi-engine rating on whichever certificate you hold (private, commercial, or ATP), and complete type-specific training in a flight simulator and the airplane. Common twin turboprops include the King Air series, the Cessna 421, and the Turbo Commander.


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