Jobs in Aviation Series: Tamarack Aerospace President Justin Ryan

According to Tamarack Aerospace president Justin Ryan, his company’s current plan is to double the size of its work force in response to the growing number of projects Tamarack has lined up. “Mostly we’re looking for engineers,” Ryan told McDermott & Bull’s Rod McDermott for the latest installment of our Jobs in Aviation series from AirVenture 2017.

“We need people who are mechanical engineers and aeronautical engineers,” he continued. “We’ve got a lot of projects on our plate that require that engineering talent.”

Like other aviation companies, Tamarack has had success bringing in people from different industries, and the company helps candidates learn how to utilize their talents in a new field. “Basically, if you’re a good mechanical engineer, we can train you on the aerospace side,” Ryan explained.

For more on his insight and the opportunities available at Tamarack Aerospace, check out the above video.

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