Hartzell Voyager Propeller Receives STC for Cessna 185 E/F

Propeller offers improved aircraft performance.

Hartzell‘s new three-bladed Scimitar propeller is now available for the Cessna 185 E/F Skywagon and the AgCarryall thanks to the STC Hartzell just received. The custom-designed propeller provides improved performance with up to seven knots faster cruise speed, 10 percent better takeoff acceleration, and an exceptional climb rate—all traits important to pilots already operating these aircraft in challenging conditions.

“This replacement Voyager propeller gives Skywagon owners an opportunity to take advantage of Hartzell’s proven reliability and performance advantages,” said Hartzell Executive Vice President and General Manager JJ Frigge. “Cessna A185E/F operators can now get a longer 2,400-hour, six-year TBO and the longest propeller warranty in the business, all the way through the first overhaul.”

Introductory pricing is $13,900 for the new Voyager swept aluminum three-blade 86-inch diameter propeller, including polished spinner and all STC documentation. The new scimitar propeller can be reworked down to 84 inches in diameter if needed.


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