Global Flight Training Solutions launches Airline Compatible Roster Program

This first-of-its-kind curriculum is designed to help students build hours quickly.

Global Flight Training Solutions (GFTS), located at Immokalee Airport (KIMM) in Immokalee, Florida, is launching a first-of-its-kind Airline Compatible Roster Program for its student pilots.

Students will be on a schedule that mimics a professional airline pilot’s rotation of five days on, two days off.

The program is a personalized four-to-six-week intensive time-building option for students looking to meet the 100 pilot-in-command (PIC) hours milestone. Students will use Cessna 172s to build time.

Both domestic and international students are eligible to participate. Students will pay between $140 and $200 per hour to rent the aircraft. They must have aircraft renter’s insurance.

GFTS says this structure will help assist airlines in identifying practical experience in cadets, and help facilitate student pilots getting hired into positions in the industry.


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