Gear: Lift Air Boss

Lift Aviation's pilot-specific shoes are both cool and comfortable.

The Air Boss is one of several pilot-specific shoes introduced by Lift Aviation, a subsidiary of EVS Sports, which has been developing safety equipment for athletes for the past 30 years. Patent-pending heel sliders and a dedicated traction system provide support and improved grip while the feet are resting on the rudder pedals. The sturdy sole is oil-, heat- and slip-resistant, and cushioned to provide exceptional comfort yet flexible enough in the toe to allow for good rudder control. For more information visit

Designed with runway markings and a mass jet formation, the stylish insoles of Lift Aviation’s Air Boss flying shoes aren’t just cool, they’re also cushioned, breathable and antimicrobial. Lift Aviation
The exterior sole of the Air Boss is designed for improved support and grip on the rudder pedals. Lift Aviation


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