Gear: Breitling Aerospace Evo Cirrus Aircraft Watch

This watch is serialized to 220 — a mix of the SR20 and SR22.

Breitling teamed up with Cirrus Aircraft on a limited-edition aviator’s timepiece. The Aerospace Evo Cirrus Aircraft watch highlights the one component that helped catapult Cirrus into the number one position of light-aircraft manufacturers: the BRS parachute. A parachute symbol adorns the case back as well as the back of the minute hand. In addition, the hour hand has three slots signifying Cirrus’ SR20, SR22 and SR22T piston models.

The watch face itself is embellished with the outline of a piston Cirrus as well as the company’s logo. Serialized to No. 220, the $4,930 watch offers Breitling’s renowned quality and aviation features, such as a second time zone, an NVG-display-compatible backlighting system, a countdown timer and a minute repeater.

Breitling Aerospace EVO Cirrus Aircraft Watch
The Cirrus logo is one feature of many that set apart Breitling’s Cirrus Aircraft watch. The hour hand is adorned with a parachute, and the minute hand has a slot for each piston Cirrus model. The watch face features a silhouette of the piston Cirrus. Breitling


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