Garmin Upgrades G1000 NXi for Citation Mustang

New capabilities include weather radar, enhanced connectivity, and ADS-B diversity.

On May 27, Garmin Aviation announced additional capabilities it has recently added to the G1000 NXi installations on Cessna Citation Mustang light jets. The upgrades include those to weather radar, enhanced connectivity, and retention of ADS-B In and Out transponder diversity.

First, the GWX 75 weather radar system is now approved for use with the G1000 NXi in the Mustang. The all-digital GWX 75 features a high-definition, 16-color palette, improving upon the 4-color GWX 68 system for better contouring and detail on the display. The GWX 75 also has optional ground clutter suppression and turbulence detection functions to help pilots focus on immediate threats.

Mustang operators can also take advantage of the enhanced connectivity provided by the GSR 56 Iridium satellite datalink system to access weather and communications with the appropriate subscription. Features include on-demand global weather, two-way text and voice communications, and automatic aircraft position tracking.

The suite of upgrades opens up the G1000 NXi Mustang installation to compatibility with the GTX 345DR transponder as well. The GTX 345DR offers dual diversity—utilizing two antennas, one mounted on top of the aircraft and one mounted on the belly—for better operational efficacy. The ADS-B In and Out solution includes Garmin’s TargetTrend functionality, giving a relative motion display for more intuitive assessment of a given aircraft’s trajectory and threat as a target. Upgrades are available now at Textron Aviation Service Centers.

Garmin also recently announced the acquisition of AeroData, provider of aircraft performance software and solutions for business and commercial aviation. AeroData’s products include runway analysis, takeoff and en route performance, weight and balance, automated cargo and passenger load planning, a global obstacle database, and 24-hour notam monitoring. The company currently provides services to more than 135 airlines globally; it will continue to operate from its headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizona.


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