University of Oklahoma

Norman, OK

Located in Norman, Oklahoma, the University of Oklahoma’s curriculum has a strong business focus, which prepares students for the aviation industry from a different perspective.

The University of Oklahoma offers four aviation degree programs:

● Bachelor of Science

    • Professional Pilot Concentration
    • Aviation Management (flying and non-flying)
    • Aviation Management ATC
    • Aerospace Engineering

Program Highlights

OU’s airfield is only about a 10-minute drive from the main campus and houses a fleet of modern aircraft.

The school also boasts a high employment rate for graduates. This is due in part to the school’s strong connections to programs like:

  • Envoy Cadet
  • PSA Airlines Cadet
  • Southwest Airlines 225°

It is part of Region 4 of the National intercollegiate Flying Association.


Being a public state university in Oklahoma, OU is able to offer competitive tuition for both in-state and out of-state students. Before flight costs, in-state tuition is $4,200 and out-of-state comes in at a bit more than $11,000.

Flight costs over the flight training schedule will be around $54,000, with additional courses available.

The program offers great scholarships for those who seek them out. Options include the:
● James M. Cook Memorial Scholarship
● Rankin Family Scholarship
● Capt. Isaac Algaze Aviation Scholarship

OU also accepts veteran’s benefits like the GI Bill for flight training costs.

Fleet and Facilities

OU has 22 aircraft, both single-engine and multiengine. Half of those are newer Piper Warriors.

The fleet consists of:
● King Air
● Beechcraft Baron
● Cesnna 152s
● Piper Warriors
● Piper PA29R-200s
● Piper Seminoles

The school also has some advanced aircraft simulators students can train on.

Students can also take advantage of the 500-hour ATP reduction.

Campus Life

Students who attend OU will be part of a large university system with Division I athletics part of the BIG XII, a dedicated arts and history program, and Greek life. The schools has many housing and dining facilities including dedicated upper-class living.

Volunteer opportunities and on-campus work study are open to students looking to boost their resume.

The Bottom Line

Students who attend the University of Oklahoma will have the full college experience and the opportunity to fly newer aircraft and build connections through the university’s impressive contact list.

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Other Information

  • In-State Tuition (Per Year) $4,188
  • Out-of-State Tuition (Per Year)$11,349
  • Flight Cost $70,000
  • In-State Total Estimated Program Cost$86,752
  • Out-of-State Total Estimated Program Cost$115,396
  • NIFA (Y/N)Yes
  • NIFA Region4

University of Oklahoma Score

Overall: 43 out of a possible 50 points in Colleges

Points Earned

9 out of 10 in Industry Partners

9 out of 10 in Value

9 out of 10 in Fleet

8 out of 10 in Campus Life

8 out of 10 in Facilities and Location

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