Flight Chops: Hitting the Sky with Fellow YouTube Aviation Star Matt Guthmiller

At a time when we wonder if millennials have any interest in aviation, and especially if they can afford it (for more, read “On Course” from the November issue of Flying), Matt Guthmiller’s story is one every pilot can appreciate. Flying since he was 16, Guthmiller added his name to the record books when he flew a 1981 A36 Beechcraft Bonanza around the world by himself at age 19, and he now shares his flying adventures with more than 36,000 people on YouTube.

As such, he’s the perfect guest star for the latest episode of Flight Chops. Heck, based on Guthmiller’s résumé, you could probably call Steve Thorne the guest star, but it’s a good thing for us that these two adventurers and YouTube personalities hit the sky together, because watching them deal with autopilot failure makes for an entertaining lesson.

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