FBO Spotlight: Byerly Aviation (KPIA)

Flying reader William Dando has nothing but good things to say about this Midwestern FBO.

Byerly Aviation

Byerly Aviation

In our FBO Spotlight series, we're highlighting FBOs around the country that have received rave reviews from our readers. This latest Spotlight is brought to you by William Dando, who recently stopped by Byerly Aviation after flying into Peoria International Airport in Illinois in a PA-30 Twin Comanche. Here’s what he has to say about the experience.

“During a steady rain, the lineman at Byerly Aviation faithfully held an umbrella over me while loading baggage into the aircraft, and then escorted passengers also with an umbrella, getting himself very wet, but keeping each of us a dry as possible. They also very generously gave my young grandson a toy airplane to help keep him occupied during the wait while we prepared for departure. All of this in addition to having a rental car ready, assisting with baggage, and waiving fees with a fuel purchase.”

To learn more about this FBO, visit byerlyaviation.com.

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