Eagle Jet International and SkyWest Ease the Transition to the Airlines

Program participants qualify for thousands of dollars of tuition reimbursement and other bonuses.

The pilot shortage continues to be thorn in the side of the airline industry, and the 1,500-hour requirement for pilots to enter as first officers has not helped. To ease the initial stage for pilots entering an airline career, Eagle Jet International, a Florida-based training company, has established a program that allows them to step into the right seat of a passenger aircraft quicker and with less money out of pocket.

As one way to achieve this goal, Eagle Jet recently partnered with SkyWest Airlines. Participants are guaranteed an interview with the regional airline once ATP time requirements have been met, and will be provided with top seniority for the applicable ground school class. Interview prep, mentoring and other training is available directly from SkyWest employees.

Eagle Jet’s pilots can also qualify for $15,000 in tuition reimbursement and a $7,500 bonus (for those with a current type rating or military experience) after employment and successful completion of initial SkyWest training and ATP requirements.

Eagle Jet International has been in the business of providing a pathway to the airlines for more than 20 years. The company partners with Part 135 air carriers nationwide to help its pilots gain the experience needed to qualify for airline jobs, all while earning money.

Through these jobs, participants have an opportunity to fly a variety of multiengine turboprop and turbojet aircraft. Not only do these opportunities help the participants build time, they also prepare pilots for the flying skills required at the airlines.


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