DHL Express Orders 12 Fully Electric Alice Aircraft from Eviation

The cargo airline expects the magniX-powered additions to join its fleet in 2024.

In a bid toward its goal of a zero-emissions fleet, DHL Express announced that it has ordered 12 fully electric Alice aircraft from Eviation.

The eCargo airplane features two rear-mounted, tractor-configuration magni650 propulsion units rated at 850 shp/640 kW.

The order cements DHL Express as a first-mover toward a zero-emissions fleet, whether passenger or cargo.

“We firmly believe in a future with zero-emission logistics,” John Pearson, CEO, DHL Express said in a press release. “Therefore, our investments always follow the objective of improving our carbon footprint. On our way to clean logistics operations, the electrification of every transport mode plays a crucial role and will significantly contribute to our overall sustainability goal of zero emissions.”

Eviation expects Alice to make its first flight later this year. The company projects that the airplane, flown single-pilot, will have a range of up to 440 nm carrying up to 2,600 pounds—and require 30 minutes or less to recharge. Fewer moving parts within the powerplants should lower maintenance costs and enhance dispatch reliability.

“From day one, we set an audacious goal to transform the aviation industry and create a new era with electric aircraft,” said Omer Bar-Yohay, Eviation’s CEO. “Partnering with companies like DHL who are the leaders in sustainable e-cargo transportation is a testament that the electric era is upon us. This announcement is a significant milestone on our quest to transform the future of flight across the globe.”


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