Cirrus Celebrates Milestone with Limited-Edition SR22Ts

The latest SR22T features a special paint scheme that brightens up the cloudiest days. Stephen Yeates

For an airplane with an eye-popping paint scheme, N225HL stayed well-hidden for a couple of months prior to its debut on January 28. Cirrus Aircraft will mark 2021 with the delivery of number 8,000 of its SR-series aircraft, celebrating the milestone with a limited-edition series of eight special SR22Ts. Five-Hotel-Lima is the first of the limited edition to arrive on the scene—and Flying had the opportunity to test it out in early January.

I found that the G6 SR22T had been equipped with all of the possible goodies. Within the high-performance Cirrus Perspective+ flight deck by Garmin, the limited edition includes the Max Viz enhanced vision system, synthetic vision on the primary flight display, and SiriusXM Weather displayed both on the PFD and multifunction display. For connectivity, the limited edition features the new Cirrus Aircraft mobile app driven by Cirrus IQ, which accesses aircraft data in real time from just about anywhere with a mobile or Wi-Fi connection. Flight-data streaming and the ability to text or call people on the ground is enabled with Flight Stream 510.

In a first for Cirrus, the exterior of 5HL features wings painted an electric green—called “Volt”—with echoes of the runway environment that inspired the scheme found on the cowl, empennage, wingtips, and wheel fairings. The limited edition has the Spectra wingtip lighting system, designed in partnership with Whelen, and a custom interior with Volt contrast stitching and leather-covered flight controls and power lever. The airplanes come with a five-year, 2,000-hour spinner-to-tail warranty and a five-year, 1,500-hour maintenance plan—and VIP packages tailored to each new owner. For more details, look to our report in the upcoming March 2021 issue of Flying.

Based in Maryland, Julie is an editor, aviation educator, and author. She holds an airline transport pilot certificate with Douglas DC-3 and CE510 (Citation Mustang) type ratings. She's a CFI/CFII since 1993, specializing in advanced aircraft and flight instructor development. Follow Julie on Twitter @julieinthesky.

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